2013 – 2019

When I‘m in Ukraine, I see a chaos in society, politics, and lastly in the human souls. Many areas  of public life reflect this. Public areas are littered with kiosks, shops and advertising. All shelves  in stores are overfilled. Every free space is used. The concept and ideology of the current post-socialist society
in Ukraine is money.

I see the people and imagine they have these pictures in their minds, or they see them. The chaos is for them a daily routine: they live in it, they are dominated by that, and do not realize that,  or no more.

Kotlovan (The Foundation Pit) is a novel by a Soviet writer, Andrei Platonov (1899-1951). It was created between 1929 -1930. Platonov’s work Kotlovan is the representation of a post-revolutio- nary society, which under the leadership of a party is familiar with the construction of a new life.

A group of navvies is concerned with digging the pit for a large house of the proletariat. When they are almost finished with the excavation work, the pit is arbitrarily enlarged to bigger and more absurd proportions. The house is never built.